Guitar Gallery offers a wide array of new and used instruments. We have guitar, amp, and pedal brands available to us on a special order basis. These are the main brands we carry.
Paul Reed Smith Guitars has offered the highest quality of sound and playability since their launch, delivering a perfectly designed and built guitar every time.
Fano Guitars is a small team of musicians and guitarists building high quality, reliable instruments with their own unique style and amazing tone.
Larrivee Guitars is a Canadian brand that builds handmade, all solid wood guitars. They are one of the few companies that still naturally ages and dries their wood stock instead of kiln drying it. This gives them undeniable tone you usually only hear from an older instrument.
Innovative designs and proprietary pickups and electronics, Reverend Guitars is a truely great, original brand. Their reputation speaks volumes about the company and their instruments, making great guitars with retro designs at affordable prices.
Handmade acoustic and electric guitars from Ayers Guitar Co. are truly the top echelon of quality. Using the highest end components and tone woods, A.G. Co does both production runs and custom orders to bring you the perfect instrument.
Recording King guitars are based on designs from the early to mid 1900's, giving you a warm, earthy, classic, tone at an affordable price.
There's a reason Marshall is THE name in amps, with the DSL series being the number one selling combo amp in America. You can get the sought after Marshall tone in a wide variety of wattage, covering home use and pro gigs.
There isn't much that needs to be said about Eden bass amps. Perfect for playing at home or playing out, they have the modern bass tone everyone is searching for now paired with great reliability and great prices.
Roland Amplifiers are at the forefront of solid state technology, with everything from practice amps to mini PA/Acoustic amps for gigging out solo or in a trio. With a heavy concentration on tone, they bring versatility that doesn't sacrifice sound quality.
VHT makes a great, low priced tube amp with lots of EQ and power options.
Strymon is likely the most talked about pedal company today, with good reason. With some of the best delays, modulation, and tape emulation, these pedals truly speak for themselves.
Amazing fuzz pedals and a host of other great modulation, reverb, delay, and overdrive pedals make up the Earthquaker Devices lineup. With everything from rich to lo-fi fuzz, extremely tweakable overdrives, and a guitar synth you'll have to hear to believe, Earthquaker has made quite a splash.
If Supermoon doesn't sell you, you probably haven't tried out Mr. Black pedals. Their reverbs are some of the best in the business offering what you can't get anywhere else.
"xOtic Effects have a number of fantastic boost and overdrive pedals that have become standards in the rock and blues worlds. Their preamp and boost pedals are some of the biggest names in the game and their SL Drive recreates the Super Lead circuit in a way nobody else has been able to.
Boss Pedals have been the industry standard for over 30 years now for a reason. There are many to choose from, so it's just a matter of finding the right Boss pedal to complete your rig.
EXCLUSIVE ARIZONA DEALER! J. Rockett Audio Designs has a wealth of amazing pedals, and while they are widely known for the Archer, it certainly doesn't end there. Their designs were created with the idea of giving you the tone top session players get in your rig. Truely amazing pedals with great sounds for any player.
Keeley Electronics changed the pedal modding industry, and Robert Keeley is still at it, designing some of the most interesting and usefull pedals on the market today. With a wide variety and truely high quality build and design, Keeley pedals are the perfect addition to take your tone to the pro level.
Known for their foundation pedals, Catalinbread also makes great overdrive and modulation pedals. Want to make your Fender amp sound like a Hiwatt or Marshall? There's a catalinbread pedal for you.
Seymour Duncan is the biggest name in replacement pickups, and their pedals have been getting bigger and better year by year. Recently redesigned, their lineup covers all the bases and affordable prices.
Big Joe Pedals are handmade in the USA and give some of the better tones you'll hear from a stompbox. Whether it's their perfect Tube Screamer reproductions, their Johnny Winter signature pedal, or one of their many others, there's bound to be something in Big Joe's product line that you can't live without.