Click on the link to visit our store for listings of some of our used gear. It always hits the shop first so call or come in for the most updated inventory.
At Guitar Gallery, we're always interested in buying more used gear. You can bring it by any time the store is open and we will give you a fair, honest quote on the value of the instrument, amp, or pedal. We also offer consignment at a very competitive rate.

We offer a wide selection of used gear in store, with both high end and players vintage instruments and amplifiers, and great deals on newer used instruments. Customers are often astonished as they walk in the shop and find a piece of gear they've been looking for hanging on the wall.

This section of the website is currently growing, with a gallery of past used gear and listings of current inventory coming soon! To see a selection of our current used inventory, you can check our store. Not all of our inventory is listed online and we always keep it in the store for around a week before listing, so come visit us at the shop to get the most up to date idea of what we have in stock.